Pillow Mist


Size: 4 oz.

Pillow Mist Ingredients: Witch Hazel. Essential Oils of Lavender, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang & Bergamot

Why these ingredients? 

Lavender: used to reduce stress, calming, cleansing and hormone balancing

Vetiver: known as the "oil of tranquility", soothes anxiety, helps with insomnia, fights fatigue, helps with depression, and helps with concentration and memory

Ylang Ylang: soothes stress, anxiety, sadness, tension, and relieves sleeplessness *also said to improve libido *hint hint and wink*

Bergamot: helps reduce anxiety and stress and alleviates symptoms of depression, while also being uplifting, refreshing, and stimulating 

So when we mix all of these oils together what do we get? Relaxation and good sleep! One thing I don't play about is resting and sometimes we need a little help getting our mind to rest when our body is tired. A keep element to self care is getting adequate rest and having a good wind down routine. 

Can be sprayed on pillows, bed covers and in the air before bed to help encourage a good nights rest.

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Pillow Mist
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