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All waistbeads are handmade and handcrafted in Charleston, SC. 

Materials: Seed beads (colorfast and won’t fade)

Sizing: Using measuring tape, measure around your waist. You can place your waistbeads as high or as low as you want them along your torso area. 

If you have bloating after eating or experience changes in the fullness of your stomach throughout the day, it's best to place waistbeads either above or below your stomach area.

If the waistbeads are too snug, this creates tension on the string and may cause your strand to break over time. You want your beads to fit comfortably. 

Waistbeads are not waist trainers. Keep in mind that you bend, bloat, stretch, etc. throughout the day, you want to be comfortable. 

When going to the bathroom, slow down. Gently, pull your waistbeads up and pull your pants down. Rushing to pull your pants down is the way most strands pop, as they get caught in the waist of the pants and get tugged on.

Mindfulness: Please practice mindfulness when wearing your strands. Slow down throughout the day and remember your beads. These strands are delicate and will snap when tugged too hard. 

Uses: Reasons for wearing waistbeads vary from person to person and are personal to you. Some uses include but, are not limited to: tracking weight loss, body jewelry, crystal healing, and growth in womanhood.

Care: Gold beads should not fade or tarnish. To maintain the shine and longevity of your strand do not let sit in water or chemicals. Wipe down periodically to remove any residue from day to day wear from lotions, sweat and/or dirt. 

These are the traditional tie on strands. Once tied on, they can be removed by cutting. These beads if carefully removed can be shortened if they become loose over time from weight loss.

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