Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are these products handmade? Yes. All products are made & designed by Jarmelia Ladson. Get to know me!
2. Shipping & Processing: All jewelry is made to order at this time so processing can take up to 4 weeks. Thanks for your patience. 
3. Do you do custom orders? Yes I do. Email:  

4. How do I measure my wrist or waist? 1. You can use measuring tape and wrap the tape around your wrist or waist.  2. Lay a bracelet out that you already own and measure it with a ruler. 

You do not need to measure for tie on strands. All strands are 50 inches and unless you select 60 inches. 

5. What metals are used? Pewter, brass, seed beads, gold filled beads, glass seed beads, gold plated seed beads. Colorfastness depends on your individual body chemistry.

6. Are waistbeads permanent? Tie on strands can only be removed if they are cut or snap due to being tugged/pulled. 

7. Where should I tie my waistbeads? This depends on the purpose you want them to serve. I know that wearing them low is sexy but, if you aren't used to wearing waistbeads lower strands are easier to tug and break. I suggest tying strands above your belly button/stomach area. Also consider your body shape, you want the strands to be comfortable. 

8. I have to remove my strand, can I retie them? If you have enough excess string leftover after cutting, you can definitely retie them. 

9. My strand popped what do I do? You can retie, restring or store them in a jewelry box. It is said that once strands pop they have served their purpose. This is for you to determine. If you feel like the strand has served its purpose, don't tie them back on. Use your intuition. Sometimes strands release themselves and you'll know it's time if you've been feeling the need to remove a strand.

10. I don't know which strand to choose, can you help me? Choose the strand that you're drawn to. Don't overthink it and don't try to make a strand your strand. Trust your gut. Choosing a strand is simple, relax and go with the flow. You can't choose the wrong strand.

11. Do I shower with the strands on? Yes. You do not remove the strands to shower. 

12. Should I get a clasp or tie on strand? This depends on your lifestyle needs. Some people do not like anything on them when they sleep so a strand that they can remove is a must. Some will remove a clasp strand and forget to put it back on so a tie on strand is more suitable. 

Visit each product for any additional questions. 

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