Focus- Essential Oil Roll On


Our Focus roll on is for use throughout to help ground you and keep you uplifted and focus on your daily goals. 

Size: .35 oz roll on bottle

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Essential oils of: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sweet Orange, Cedarwood & Bergamot

Why these ingredients:

Frankincense:  Eases stress and anxiety, helps with focus and concentration

Myrrh: Relaxing, lift negative moods, grounding

Sweet Orange: Uplifting, helps mental stimulation, helps with negative moods

Cedarwood: Grounding, calming, uplifting 

Bergamot: Reduces anxiety, stress, uplifts moods and stimulates the mind

How to use: Apply to inner wrists or temples before starting work day to help focus and stay encouraged



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Focus- Essential Oil Roll On
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