What are waistbeads and why are women wearing them?


While they may seem like a new trend, waistbeads have been around for hundreds of years. Waistbeads are believed to have originated in Nigeria and West Africa. Traditionally, the strands were used to represent wealth, social status and femininity. 

Over the years and as the tradition has moved to America among African American women, the meaning for wearing them and what they represent has expanded while still being respectful to their original origins.

What are waistbeads? 
A strand of beads that are tied or clasped around the midsection.The beads can be various sizes and some strands have charms and crystals.

Why do women wear waistbeads?
There are various reasons someone may choose to wear waistbeads, I always encourage women to choose the reason that resonate with them. There is no wrong reason to wear something that is so personal and intimate. 

1. Tracking weightloss/gain: For weightloss, the beads are tied at the top of the midsection and as weight is loss, the strand will slide down or fall lower.

2. Spirituality: Some regard their strands as sacred and keep them covered at all times, only showing them to intimate partners. 

3. Sexuality: Some choose bead colors and crystals that encourage sexual and body confidence. 

4. Wellness: Adding certain crystals can help with fertility and womb health as well as digestion. 

Do you have to cleanse waistbeads?
You should cleanse your strands if you’re setting intentions into them. 

As with all things intimate and personal, the reasons for wearing waistbeads do and should vary from person to person. You determine what you would like your strands to represent and there is no wrong way to wear YOUR beads.

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