Manifestation 101


“Manifestation is the act of making your thoughts, feelings and beliefs appear in a physical form.” 

Manifestation has become a new buzz word but it's honestly been around since the beginning of time and we’ve been doing it since birth. Anyone can practice manifestation, in fact everyone does practice manifestation. 

Usually, when we hear about manifestation we start thinking about how we can use it in our lives and we often begin to overcomplicate it. This is understandable because once someone tells you that you can manifest the life you desire, you want to make sure you’re doing EVERYTHING to obtain that life. 

In truth, manifestation is very simple, remember we’ve been doing it our whole lives. The simplest way to manifest is to get clear on what it is we desire, write it down, believe we can have it and trust that the answers on how to obtain it will become available to us. 

Now to get certain things that we desire, there may be different levels of work involved. Some work may be physical such as exercising to lose weight or shadow work to remove blockages and limiting beliefs which is mental work. There are also times where all it may take is a thought and we see evidence of that thought almost instantly such as thinking of a loved one, wishing you could talk to them and then having our phone ring or we run into them.

We can also use tools to help focus certain energies towards what we’d like to manifest. Crystals such as clear quartz and selenite are great to use for manifestation. After I write down my desires in my journal, I place a clear quartz crystal on the open page. If you’d like to lose weight, wearing waistbeads with the intention of weight loss can help remind you of your goal when you touch or look at them in the mirror. 

Manifesting with intention is never supposed to cause anxiety and being able to release what you desire and trusting that a higher power is working on your behalf is a major key. Think of your desires like water flowing through a pipe. If you squeeze a pipe or clog it, the water can’t flow freely. You want your desires to come to you with ease so be sure to let them flow freely. 

When I feel myself getting anxious about something I’m trying to manifest, I write down things that I am thankful for. Gratitude really shows me the times that God has had my back and reassures me that my desires have been and always will be handled. 

I hope this has helped with your understanding of manifestation.

Thanks for reading!



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